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All our VPS include basic support completely free

Be not worried to you, all our plans of VPS completely include free the basic administration of the servant, with our personnel highly described and with many years of experience the majority of the problems is solved in less than 5 minutes, this way we guaranteed a matchless support to him.

Fully Managed
Fully Managed

It orders and their VPS will be registered formed and almost right away

Many companies do not have automated this process, we we are first in automating the process of discharge in servers VPS, you only worry in forming the servant to his taste and in less than 60 minutes already she will be able to make the use of these.

Typical and specifications

Shared Hosting limitless Free in the VPS

  • Migration completely free.
  • Installer of applications in a click.
  • cPanel and WHM to apartir of the intermediate plan (optional).
  • Web server Apache in all the plans (optional).
  • 1 Certificate of security SSL (intermediate Plan in andelante)

Shared Hosting limitless Characteristics of the VPS

  • Complete access root in all the plans.
  • Operating system CentOS of 86x or 64x bits.
  • Escabilidad of resources in a matter of minutes.
  • Robust Firewall and Protection against DDos attacks.
  • Linux virtual machine Kernel KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine).

Shared Hosting limitless Specifications of the servant

  • 2 Processors of 12 centres Xeon E5-2690 v3 2.6GHz (32CPUs altogether).
  • 6 Memories of solid state SSD of 960GB each (5760GB altogether).
  • 16 Ram memory DDR4 of 8GB x2133MHz (128GB altogether).
  • Ports Terabyte (10000MEGABYTE of speed of network).
  • Servant Dell PowerEdge R730xd with RAID 10.

Shared Hosting limitless Specifications of datacenter

  • Network Terabyte 10GB highly rudundate with zero charge balance faults.
  • Permanent control of temperature, always below 20ºc.
  • Generadors ecological Diesel and UPS in case of you cut of energy.
  • Control of biometric electronic access when datacenter.
  • Real monitoring 24/7/365, minute by minute.

Comparative of plans

  Basic Interval Advanced Pro Companies
CPU 0,5 Centres 1 Centres 2 Centres 4 Centres 6 Centres
Ram memory 512Megabyte 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 6 GB
Espacio/SSD 30 GB 100 GB 150 GB 250 GB 300 GB
Transference 300 GB 1000 GB 1500 GB 2500 GB 3000 GB
IP's 1 1 1 1 2
Support (only cPanel)
Monthly price $19,95 USD $39,95 USD $69,95 USD $99,95 USD $129,95 USD
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Still more power?

It looks at our dedicated servers

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Technologies implemented in the VPS

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