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Design and Development

of websites custom-made

You wish a website that really works elegant, interactive, dynamic, custom-made and elaborated by professionals?
Now you can have it in just a short time and even accessible cost! We offer our functional plans to you of design fit to its requirements so that you can offer to your clients a experience to the height while they sail by the Web.

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Our plans Web include
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Professional consultant's office

Terms and conditions
We add to your plan free

Registry of Domain

Its domain .com - .net - .org free by a year in all our plans.

(In our plan Web ECHO domain free while the plan is active).

Popular Hosting plan

Using code WEBPOPULAR it free obtains our popular plan the first year

(In our plan Web ECO hosting to pupular free while the plan is active).

Tools SEO

Our specialists will insert excellent keywords and labels to your pages, in order that your aparesca website in the recognized web search engines more.

Development in 6 stages

It slides the sharpshooting one on the icons and discovers the process!


It selects his plan and it realises the payment


It provides the required information


Its site developed by experts


We adapted it to movable dispositovos


You are in charge to describe and to approve the site


Our specialists publish their site in the network

Him asiganos a professional who guides to him during his purchase and helps to select to the plan adapted for you and its company him
If you have an idea than wishes or does not own no knowledge on what plan it can favor to him to publish itself in Internet, we assigned to a professional adviser in design and SEO to him with the aim that you managed to obtain the maximum benefit of your hiring with the plan suitable Web.

Terms and conditions on watch


a) By moral values of this company, we did not create sites with content for adults, malwarez, pirate content or any other illegal content.

b) All our services Web are realised under the system pre-payment (once confirmed the corresponding payment it is come to the development of the platform).

c) When realising the payment you have 7 working days to send all the information asked for by the agent in charge of his attention, to the e-mail. Once fulfilled the term previously indicated, any type of additional information to enclose to the design will be added under a position corresponding to the solicitd thing as entablece in the section (a) of the segment (Process of I develop).

If the term is had overcome and the client it has not realised the information shipment, when contracting under these terms, the client accepts that we are not in the responsibility of coming with the return of the realised payment.

d) Once contracted the website payment reimbursements are not realised (in case of being solicitd by the client, it is to desición of the corresponding department if the request is granted or denied).

e) For reasons of security our department of invoicing sometimes requires to confirm its identity thus, if it is required and extended this request you must facilitate a copy of his document of identification or banking card on which the payment position has been realised.

f) we reserved the author right, what implies that if is necessary we show to its website as presentation of our projects without no previous consultation, or to use the designs for another project in case of thus solving it. If you wish to remove the rights of author and exclusive feature of design, she can consult via ticket from his panel of client, by the additional cost of this requirement.

Process of development
a) When being fulfilled the rank of time available in the section (c) of the segment (Hiring) and occurring by initiate the development of the website, any extra information which the client wishes to add will have an enclosed additional value in a new invoice from its area of clients, according to corresponds the case.

b) Credit in Depositphotos You will be able to select the images from the gallery of Depositphotos equivalent to 50 credits and these will be added to their website.

c) During the process of I develop the client can be contacted by one of our agents by means facilitated by the same, to resolve consultations with respect to its site in construction.

Revision and gives
a) the client can be notified by one of our agents, on the conclusion of its website even days before the limit established by the selected plan.

b) Notified the client on the conclusion of the project, the same account with a term of 48 hours to take care of the warning and to realise request on minimum changes referring to the content or design of its website (the situation will be evaluated to determine if it requires additional cost).

Note: If this notification is not taken care of or the client does not enter conctacto with our department of development within the settled down term previously, she will be come to publish the site in the network. Be pointed out that once conducted this battle, any change asked for by the client has a referred additional cost to maintenance or according to the present situation.

c) If the plan selected Web account with administrable panel for the client, once given and manipulated by the same, we are not responsible by produced errors in the site, caused by the illegal use of the administration of the site.

Update, maintenance and new pages

a) Update Includes the modification of the existing content or addition contained again (text, images and other types of information). Our minutes of update do not include: modification in the design of its site or adción of new pages.

  • This term is become attached to the time established by each plan. If you require more time of update in his plan, which has an additional cost, can ask for it by means of his panel of client. Additional cost from: $50 USD per hour
    b) Maintenance Applies if client requires to realise changes in design of his site (colors, sizes or activities that requires intervention in the source code), following the realised request the client will receive an invoice by the considered amount to realise the change. Additional cost from: $50 USD per hourc) It needs more pages? If the client requires more pages or sub pages of which it contains his plan can realise the attached order to its hiring (when realising the first payment) or after finalized the site. An invoice with the amount equivalent to the added additional pages, following the content, will be enclosed to him in its area of client. Additional cost by page from: $70 USD ***** We reserved the right at any time to modify these terms and conditions without previous warning.
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